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Every photo and memorabilia collection is as unique as the family that cherishes it.

Whether you want:

  • A photo book or slideshow to honor a loved one
  • Your entire collection organized and maintained
  • Photos scanned, restored, or DIY tips

Every project starts with a free 30 minute phone call to talk about your photos. 



Your photos are in danger from disasters and everyday elements.

High-quality scanning creates a digital copy and protects your organized photo collection while you share, display, and create photo gifts.

Not yet organized? Check out Printed Photo Organizing below.

Slides, home movies? Yes. Let’s take care of those, too.  

Scanning starts at 35¢ with volume discounts.

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Bad things happen to good photos. The good news is that most photos can look fresh and vibrant again. The photos you want to display and keep for future generations deserve careful restoration.

You’ll also be happier with photo books, slideshows, and framed prints if you have the photos restored first!

Need photos combined or edited, too? Sure.

Repairs start at $30.

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Creating Photo


Get your photos into your life!  Surround yourself and those you love with heirloom quality photo books, slideshows, family recipe books, and much more.

From the latest digital frames and websites to archival quality photo annuals, let’s create one-of-a-kind family treasures and legacy projects for you and those you love! 

Imagine enjoying your photos every day!

Video/Slideshows start at $150

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Digital Photo


Photos changed from printed to digital in just a few years. Your digital photo collection has probably ended up in different phones, computers, tablets, and clouds. Don’t forget about those older DVDs, CDs, and computer discs that were shoved away with important photos on them, too!

Let’s get your digital photos in one place, find those pesky duplicates (and the duplicates of duplicates), and make it organized, searchable, shareable, and protected from disaster!

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Printed Photo


Dusty bins, sticky albums, and shoeboxes are slowly damaging your collection. Then, when you dig through them to find a photo you want to share, you do more damage through fingerprints and accidental bending. 

Organizing printed photos takes your collection–even photos in old photo albums–and puts it all in one, easy to access place. Imagine your treasured photos labeled and stored in boxes that protect them far into the future! 

For maximum enjoyment and protection, your organized printed photo collection can then be scanned and added to your digital library. 

1000 photos scanned, organized, and backed up starts at $500

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Individual & Group


One-on-one tutoring is a good choice if you are a do-it-yourselfer! Learn techniques for organizing your own photos or tips on how to maintain your collection.

Group training sessions and short, lively talks for community organizations are another great way to gather information on how everyone can benefit from photo organizing.

Cindy Wagner, Founder of Focus After Photo, has over 20 years of experience teaching adults how to use technology to their advantage. With patience and humor, Cindy develops personalized educational plans so you can have fun while you develop new skills.

Expert tutoring $65/hour

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How Much Will MY Project Cost?

Prices for photo services depend on how many photos you have, their condition, and what projects you’d like completed. 

The great news is I can break down your project to give you just what you want!

I’d love to talk to you about your photos and the projects you’d like DONE!

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