Precious Overwhelm

Are your family’s old photos on your list of PROJECTS?

Feels OVERWHELMING doesn’t it?

The number of photos, slides, movies, letters, and all the little things that have been kept by people important to us through the years can make you feel like you can never be done!

That makes us sad. All our precious family memories fading—never being the source of joy they were intended to be!

So, let’s take one step at a time down a road that will help get your PROJECT DONE!

Here’s the first STEP I always take before starting a photo project for anyone.


Seriously, before you open an album or dust off a box, ask yourself:

Question 1: What do you want from your collection?

You’ve been keeping all this stuff (as I have)–What is it you want IT to do?

Your answer is your own, but I’ll share mine: I want my collection of family photos and stuff to enrich our family’s connections now and preserve our story for the next generations.

That’s a tall order! So far, I’ve created some photo books, a recipe book, and a book of old letters that I’ve shared with my family. I’m no where near done, but I know the connections are already happening because my siblings and even their kids TALK about what they remember after looking at the stuff I’ve shared!

Question 2: What does your ideal collection look like/feel like?

Ideally mine feels accessible, shareable, and safely preserved.

When I want a photo—or multiple photos—I can find what I want easily. And just for fun I have the entire collection on my phone WITH NO DUPLICATES.

My prints and other physical things are kept in neat photo boxes that protect them from dust and future fading.

Safely preserved? I organized prints and then scan them and then create two backups of the complete digital collection.

For my own collection that means when fire threatens our area (So. Cal.) I only have one thing to grab to know my photos are safe! And if I can’t grab it—I have it on a cloud backup. What a calming and secure feeling!

Question 3: When do you want to be enjoying and sharing your family collection?

Again, you write your own happily ever after here. My answer was “to enjoy and share as soon as possible.” Time really doesn’t care if I don’t want to work on the PROJECT now. Now is the only time we actually have, right? (Whoa! Deep thought!)

Anyway, the truth is I’m not finished! I am, however, reaping the benefits of the work I’ve done already. As I do more, I share more.

I’m thinking that on the road is better than not getting started and having a plan to work from is better than winging it every time I look at my photos.

Write your answers down and keep them with your photos. Even if your answers change over the course of your work, some days they’ll be a great reminder of why you are giving this PROJECT time NOW.

That’s a great first step!

Another great step? Ask me questions! I’m ready to help you get your photos into your life! Click below. It takes you to my contact page. I’m a photo expert–not a sales person–so ask away!