How to Organize Your Photos (and other stuff) | Intro – Knowing Your Why

Video Chat 1 | Intro – Knowing Your Why

These are weird times. Many of us are doing our part by staying home.

Some of you have decided that you want to spend this time doing your “photo project.” You know, the one you’ve been thinking about for YEARS.

At a time like this, I like the idea of using our talents to help each other. Digital and printed photos are my wheelhouse. I am making video “chats” to help guide you through your project. Short enough to be fun and helpful enough to get you through the maze of organizing your photos and seeing what comes next–like digitizing, preserving, and actually ENJOYING your photos!

This time will pass. Until then, I’m hoping you will have fun doing something that matters to you and your family in the long term.

Please leave questions on my Get in Touch tab!

Take care and Stay Safe!