• Cindy@focusafterphoto.com

A Well Loved Wallet Photo

Remember carrying photos in your wallet? Ok–some of us do! That way the most important people in our lives were always with us. This photo is definitely one of those! Today, it would be on someone’s phone–easily accessible in the moment to share! Are your important photos easily sharable on your phone? Photos are taken to help us share our memories. Some are destined to be loved and remembered….

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Precious Overwhelm

Are your family’s old photos on your list of PROJECTS? Feels OVERWHELMING doesn’t it? The number of photos, slides, movies, letters, and all the little things that have been kept by people important to us through the years can make you feel like you can never be done! That makes us sad. All our precious family memories fading—never being the source of joy they were intended to be! So,…

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