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Focus After Photo

Focus After Photo is a personal photo service that can help you find the time to enjoy your photos!

What’s on your photo to-do list?

  • Have your family collection organized
  • Share your digital photos easily
  • Find your lost digital photos on phones, computers, old DVD/CDs, older stuff?
  • Rescue your one-of-a-kind family fading printed photos
  • See old slides for the first time in ages
  • Proudly display restored family photos
  • Have a custom photo book or series designed for you
  • Celebrate a loved one’s life with an important photo slideshow
  • Present a one of a kind heirloom photo gift
  • All of the above?
  • Something else?

From organizing and maintaining the largest collections, to creating a slideshow to honor a loved one, every project starts with a free 30 minute phone call.

Let’s talk about where your photos are and where you want them to be.

Focus After Photo is located in Thousand Oaks, California. We serve Ventura County and surrounding areas. Remote services are available depending on the project.

Get in touch to learn more!

Meet Cindy Wagner,


Hi, I’m Cindy Wagner. 

I’m all about helping people reconnect with the stories–and the photos–of their lives! I’ve worked with photos, people, technology, and graphic design most of my life. I want to be your trusted guide to all things related to photos!  

A little about me:

I got my first camera when I was a kid.  It was a Kodak Instamatic. It used 126 film and flash cubes. If you don’t know what that is–Google it.  You’ll laugh. It was awful…and I loved that thing. I made photo albums, scrapbooks, gifts for friends, and posters for my room. 

Of course I was on yearbook in high school and I took photography in college. My first jobs were in publishing and graphic design–more creating with photos!

Ah, but then came digital photos. In my opinion digital photos are the best thing that ever happened to my beloved printed photos. They are easier to organize without damaging, you can print them all you like, and they can be made searchable, shareable, and secure!

Working with digital photos does require a good head for technology, so I’ve immersed myself in it throughout my career. I started using computers at work–well, about the time there were computers at work…

More recently, I served as the head of the Business & Technology Department at the Conejo Valley Adult School. There I was able to use my rich background in Photoshop and other software, graphic design, clouds, computers, smartphones, and much more to help adults learn to navigate and enjoy their own digital world!

Most people I meet say they don’t have time to get their photos into a collection they can enjoy. I’m here to help!

I’m looking forward to talking to you about your photos!

Cindy Wagner

Certificated Teacher
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Spreading the Love!

Giving you time to enjoy your photos is what it’s all about!

“We had photos everywhere – and were continually put off at the fact that our 100,000+ digital photos (no joke) seemed destined to remain a jumbled mess of duplicate, fuzzy, unorganized, unfindable events – once documented and then thrown into electronic files and devices too many to count.  Cindy Wagner at Focus after Photo has been a lifesaver!  We had no idea what was possible.  Cindy’s patience, walking us through step by step, keeping everything calm and approachable was great.  She made the overwhelming process not feel insurmountable but rather made us feel like we can conquer this daunting, organizational task and again finally locate and enjoy our family’s history through our photos!” 

Jennifer & Craig

I got the help I needed to organize my photos and feel I’m set up to keep things organized.  

Cindy was great to work with. She explained to me how to move forward. I’m so pleased that I finally have a photo collection I can find, access, and use.
–P. H.

Cindy Wagner solved several problems which enabled me to share early family pictures with my adult children. I had home movies taken with a circa 1960 Bell & Howell camera, but have no suitable projection capability. I also had a library of family snapshots developed on slides for carousel viewing. Again, this old technology did not readily permit sharing. 

Cindy converted the old movies and slides to a flash drive. Cindy also took a few favorites and printed a photo album which now graces my coffee table. Cindy restored some pictures and, where necessary cleaned up the background of some favorite old pictures to permit framing and prominent display.  I am very happy to have these memories back and recommend Cindy as the “Go To” person for getting the most out of old pictures.
–R. O.