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Digital Photos Can Overwhelm

Let's make your photos fun again!

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Printed Photos Can Fade Away

Let's protect your precious family collection!

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Photos Tell Your Story

Let's restore your photos and make treasures to enjoy!

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We Help You

Enjoy Your Photos!

Are your precious printed photos fading away in dusty boxes, bins, and old albums?
Are your digital photos filling your phones, lost in old computer stuff, floating on clouds?

Focus After Photo will digitize your precious printed photos and then preserve, organize, and protect your entire family photo archive!
Get in Touch when you want your photo project–large or small–DONE!

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Your photos are in danger from disasters and everyday elements. High-quality scanning creates a permanent digital copy and protects your organized photo…

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Bad things happen to good photos. The good news is that most photos can look fresh and vibrant again.
The photos you want to display and…

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Creating Photo


Get your photos into your life! Surround yourself and those you love with heirloom quality photo books, slideshows, family recipe…

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Digital Photo


Photography changed from printed to digital in just a few years. Your digital photo collection has probably ended up in different phones…

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Printed Photo


Dusty bins, sticky albums, and shoeboxes are slowly damaging your collection. Then, when you dig through them to find a photo…

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Individual & Group


One-on-one tutoring is a good choice if you are a do-it-yourselfer! Learn techniques for organizing your own photos or tips on how to maintain your…

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Focus After Photo

Focus After Photo is a personal photo service that can help you find the time to enjoy your photos! What’s on your photo to-do list? Have your family collection organized? Share your digital photos easily? Find your digital photos on your phone…

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Meet Cindy Wagner,


I’m all about helping people reconnect with the stories–and the photos–of their lives! I’ve worked with photos, people, technology, and graphic design most of my life. I want to be your trusted guide to all things related to photos! Most people I meet say they don’t have time…

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Spreading the Love!

I got the help I needed to organize my photos and feel I’m set up to keep things organized.  

Cindy was great to work with. She explained to me how to move forward. I’m so pleased that I finally have a photo collection I can find, access, and use.
–P. H.

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